Beginning in 2005, an extensive review of peer-review articles and abstracts was completed, and a baseline consensus was developed for capsule endoscopy for Esophageal Disorders and also for the small bowel in the following topics: Obscure Bleeding, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Celiac Disease, Bowel Preps and Prokinetics, Esophageal Disorders, and Capsule Retention.

The drafting of consensus statements involves the development of panels of experts for each selected topic. The chairman of each panel then leads a discussion of peer-review papers and state-of-the-art abstracts presented to date. The strength of the data is debated, and a series of statements supported by the data are developed and published at the end of the conference. In 2006 the baseline consensus was updated with new data.

Click here to download a Power Point presentation containing the output from the ICCE 2006 Consensus.

References for the abstracts and peer-review articles, along with PDF copies of the abstract data, are available are www.capsuleendoscopy.org in the Reference Library.


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